We create
happy fishing families

Wari Fishing Club’s mission is simple:
We help local fishermen enter the 21st century.

To expand geographically, we need your help.

Women selling fish in Papua New Guinea

For some, the world hasn't changed much.

In Papua New Guinea, after local fishermen bring back their catch, the wives still have to sell their catch the whole day, fighting off flies in the grueling heat, only to return home with pennies. Just like in the old days.

We are here to change that.

We believe in today’s world, no one should be left behind. In our increasingly connected world, even fisher families in remote corners of the world can benefit from best practices used in other parts of the world.

Our Services

The service Wari Fishing Club offers is crucial for millions of independent fisher families.

With our help, these fishermen can focus on what they do best — bring in the catch of the day — and leave the rest to us. As a result, they earn more and can enjoy more quality time with their families.

1. Supply

It all starts when we deliver ice blocks, fuel, and fishing gear on a credit basis to local fishermen.

2. Buy

We then buy their catch at a better price than they would get in the grueling heat or rain.

3. Process

We add value by processing their catch. We clean and filet the fish. We can even smoke it before we package it.

4. Sell

Finally, we transport the products to the city where we sell it to markets and retailers.

We are seeking investors.

Our system is in place and works profitably in Port Moresby.

We are now ready to expand geographically and seek investors and partners to join us.

Get in touch to find out if this opportunity aligns with your own goals.